Clients In With Abundant Dating Lives and Quality Relationships As A Result Of The Polarity Principles

Bouncing Back From a Break Up and Confident Dating in 5 Weeks

YouTuber Influencer Gets Girlfriend in 5 Weeks

Now In a Relationship For 1+ Years

Chris was great to work with. His method is very practical and effective in real life and multiple scenarios. I had just gotten out of a long term relationship prior to engaging Chris. Chris got me up to speed in no time and had me feeling more comfortable and at ease with the whole process from getting a number and onward. Working with Chris made me realize how many nuances there are to engaging with women whether for a hookup or something more. I think the aspect of engaging emotional connection through conversation which Chris brought to the table was something that worked long term in a sustainable way whether looking for a quick hookup or something more. I also really felt that his tips and tricks and real time sideline advice for texting and conversation dynamics, was on point. As someone who never felt like my texting game was on point, I gained a lot from his help. This actually helped me be better in social settings in general. I’m now happily in a relationship of 1+ years and have Chris to thank for much of that. 

Tech Startup CEO, San Diego CA

Divorced programmer with social anxiety finds confidence and a Great Girl!

Programmer, Austin TX

“It Would Be An Understatement To Say He Didn’t Help Me Change My Life”

Hey I know Chris since 2015 when I really suck with dating. It would be an understatement to say he didn’t help me change my life.  His negotiation skills are up there, haven’t met any other like him yet. 

Also he is very ethical, he will deliver on what he promises. He cares, you just have to text him. 

Developer and Business Owner, Palo Alto CA

“Chris Taught Me How To Make It Happen Literally In The First Week Of Working With Him”

I always really struggled with confidence & dating in the past, and I had even hired other dating coaches, but dating never stopped being difficult for me.

And as a busy professional, I didn’t have a lot of extra time to figure it all out by myself.

I met Chris through a friend, and he told me “Let’s just take care of this dating problem once and for all.” 

It was still a lot of work, but even within the first 1-2 weeks, Chris taught me a few small tweaks in my conversation skills that allowed to start talking with hotter girls and more attractive women.

I went from only being able to talk to average girls to being able to have full blown conversations with very very attractive girls within the first couple of weeks.

Other dating coaches in the past kept telling me “it’ll happen, just be patient” but it never really happened, no matter how hard I would try. The conversations wouldn’t really work, and they would inevitably just fizzle out because I didn’t really know what I was doing.

Chris taught me how to make it happen literally in the first week of working with him.

After just 2-3 months I also started getting real results consistently and I finally started believing “hey I can actually do this!”

He really taught me how to carry myself, how to have great conversations, how to talk to girls “out of my league”, get phone numbers, how to text girls properly, and how to put together winning dates.

I ended up having a lot of adventures, meeting and dating a lot of girls, and getting a great, beautiful girlfriend through working with Chris.

Chris helped me go from “Am I ever ever going to figure this out?!” to “Hey, I think I finally finally got a handle on this!!”

And for that, I am really truly grateful.

Investor, Austin TX

Back with the Ex

Drew, Detroit MI

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