Answer This To Get Into A Relationship Faster

Here’s the most important question you’re ever going to need to answer when it comes to setting the :

When it comes to your next relationship, what do you actually want?

Too often when I’m talking to guys and online reading guys asking for advice, it’s clear they haven’t yet answered this… because once this question is answered, many other questions fall into place.

Knowing what you want sets the path for getting what you want…

In terms of….

  • Knowing which questions and what types of conversations you want to have on a date
  • Setting up your online dating profile for attracting the women most compatible with your vision
  • Planning the places you might frequent and classes/groups you might join in which your ideal woman likes to goes
  • Priming your subconscious to work in the background and invisibly guide you closer and closer to your preferences and goals

At this point, many successful men are familiar with concepts like Reticular Activation System (RAS), the Law of Attraction, and visioning. Often I see these strategies are reserved for business and sports, but why not do it for dating too??

It’s about setting an intention… drawing a line in the sand… a north star for your dating journey…

This is setting your Outcome Goal. This is the goal that you wish to reach someday. With this outcome goal in mind, you can ask yourself,

What action(s) can I take today to move me closer to this outcome?

This is setting your Process Goal(s)…. The actions that you will take on your journey to reach your dream relationship…

Unfortunately, it’s all too common for me to hear of guys going out daily and weekly talking to tons of women but not enjoying the process or throwing up a dating profile online and (maybe even) getting some matches but feeling like the work they’re doing isn’t satisfying or what they really want to be doing…

When I ask what they really want from dating, they often don’t fully understand the question… They almost become hypnotized to believe that there is a single “right” way to get into a fantastic relationship, and it involves something like “paying your dues” and getting good with tons of women…

It doesn’t have to be that way! Getting into a fantastic relationship can be easy and–dare I say it–enjoyable! And it starts with setting the course in the right direction for you! Once this happens, you’ll be so much more capable of effectively navigating the dating process on your terms.


You’ll have gained one of the sexiest things a man can have for women naturally being intrigued by you…

You’ll know what you want!!

Ever hear a woman or read a dating profile saying,

I want a man who knows what he wants

Yeah… It’s a thing… When you know what you want, the right women will naturally be attracted to you and those that don’t fit your vision for the future will respectfully understand (and might even introduce you to someone they know who is the type of woman you’re looking for)

So take some time. Think about that question… Begin to wonder, what is possible for you? If you couldn’t fail, what would you ask for in a relationship that goes the distance? Because when this gets clarified, the possibilities of a powerful future with someone by your side are infinite!

If you’d like help on this journey and would rather get the support of someone who’s helped men find their fantastic relationship, I invite you to schedule a call to discuss your specific situation and see if working with me is the best option for you…