I help elite men get into a fulfilling relationship.

You don’t have to settle. You CAN have a relationship with a high quality woman.

I show successful men an easier and more effective method to dating and remove any headache about how to nail this part of your life once and for all.

If you’re done with apps, mind games, and low quality options, schedule a call with me and let’s talk about what’s possible for you.

Client Successes

I’m now happily in a relationship of 1+ years and have Chris to thank for much of that. 

Tech Startup CEO, San Diego CA

It would be an understatement to say he didn’t help me change my life.

Developer, Palo Alto CA

Chris taught me how to make it happen literally in the first week of working with him.

Investor, Austin TX

What I Do

I work with men 1-on-1 to have a permanent transformation in their dating life. Clients find my system simple, effective and lasting.

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My Story

Hi I’m Chris.

10 years ago, I was at a loss for how to date let alone have a promising relationship. The thought of never getting to share my life with an amazing woman by my side was devastating and I had to do something about it…

I left a safe corporate job to learn how to succeed with women. As I improved and found a process that worked for me, men kept asking if I could help them. Thei

Since you’re here, I want to acknowledge you for taking a first step to take care of this part of your life.

If you’re ready to finally have a woman to share a life with and you want to follow a no fluff process of getting you there, schedule a call with me to see if my coaching is right for you.